My favorite royal bride-to-be

Okay, okay, it’s not much of a contest between my favorite and the barely literate, 95% plastic and silicone Charlene Wittstock, but still, I have a soft spot (who knew?) for Kate, sorry, Catherine Middleton.

This is my absolute favorite photo of Kate, sorry, Catherine, and not only because I own a similar skirt and pair of boots.  She looks healthy, pretty, natural.

Although many call her style boring, mumsy, etc. I do feel that Kate’s, sorry, Catherine’s wardrobe is quite classic.  She wears what she wears and she wears it well.  Her pieces are flattering to her figure, in colors that suit her, and she often looks pulled-together.   No spackled-on makeup for our English rose, no boring bobs or bad dyes for her glorious mane.  At about a decade younger than stupid Mary of Denmark, this chick knows what suits her and what’s appropriate for the occasion.

I loved the Testino photos. Kate looked amazing, her hair and makeup perfection.  William can’t help his balding head, I think he looked great.

I really hope she knocks it out of the park at the wedding.  And yeah, I wish Mary to be invited, because this bride is The Bride of the century.  She is already occupying entire shelves in the magazine rack at my local chain bookstores, and this is only going to get bigger as April nears.

I hope Kate, sorry, Catherine, doesn’t get any skinnier, in fact I hope she goes back to the weight she was in this photo and shows the world – and couture designers – that women don’t have to be emaciated lollipops to look good in haute couture.

I hope Kate, sorry, Catherine, gets a grand tiara to wear at her wedding.  I hope her dress inspires a new generation of brides.  I hope her hair and makeup are flawless.  Speaking of, Kate, sorry, Catherine, STOP WEARING EYELINER ON YOUR LOWER LASHLINE!  It’s aging, it’s severe, it’s shit!

Other than that, I’m waiting with bated breath.  I’m rooting for ya, Kate, sorry, Catherine.

And Harry, dear, I’d love to be your date, thanks for asking!  (yeah, I wish!)



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2 Responses to My favorite royal bride-to-be

  1. Lolly says:

    I see we will disagree where this one is concerned. I fully expect her to develop into some combination of Bogan/Fergie, worthy of her own blog. The British are nowhere near as tolerant as the Danes are of their royalty, and while the tabloids seem to be hyping the wedding up I can only find a general lack of enthusiasm, if not outright dislike, when it comes to Wills and Waity.

    • boganhater says:

      I will admit that I am so happy that there will be a royal IT princess to overshadow Mary’s efforts at celebrity stardom, maybe I am putting too much hope on Waity but I hope she does well!

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