On their best behavior

You have to forgive the dear children.  You see, their nannies, i.e. the people that they actually respect and obey, were not around.

This is how they behave with their useless parasite parents:

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1 Response to On their best behavior

  1. Royaltysux says:

    This wasn’t any old event at Amalienborg. This was the opening of their new palace at Amalienborg, a kind of moving in ceremony. Who else in the world would ask the tax payers to renovate their stupid flat and then add insult to injury by demanding some “dedication” event with full court press to mark the royal move. No one else but these useless freeloaders. And I bet they have classified it at “work” in the royal calendar.

    Keep it up, bogan hater. This is a great blog. Glad to see it back up again.

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