To recap, in a slightly clearer version . . .

Bonus points if you got the reference.

Anyway, in my previous ABID blog I posted about how awful Freddy Boy looked in 2008.

What the fuck was I thinking?

Because the poor man-child just keeps getting worse and worse.

And worse.

Not only physically, because at some point, if you liked the man-child type, Frederik was slightly attractive.  Me, I like my men a little less girlish, but ANYWAY.

How was I to know the slow descent into madness (bonus points, again!) was going to go even further into the recesses of hell itself?

Just look at this miserable piece of shit that ambles around like a toddler on wheels?

It looks drunk.  Or high.  Or both.

I vote for both.

It smiles but much like Tom Cruise, there is no “there” behind the eyes.  Think Christian Bale (oh yeah) would get inspired by the vacuously smiling Frederik as he did by the vacuously friendly Tom Cruise?

Only if Christian Bale (oh yeah) had to play a pathetic, drug-addicted drunk of a puppet that dressed up in soldier’s costume to be paraded around for fun.

It is truly remarkable to see how removed from reality Frederik is.  A state-funded parasite like him talking about “not being able to afford” the twins is like Kim Kardashian saying she worries her ass is too small.

I once pitied Frederik, but it is no longer worthy of my pity.  It is a fool in a mess of its own choosing.

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2 Responses to To recap, in a slightly clearer version . . .

  1. Alexandra says:

    LOL. Poor Freddy.

    By the way, fantastic blog!

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