Mary’s Hall of Fame

Just so y’alls don’t think I’m a TOTAL bitch, I’m going to post about Mary’s best outfits.  Or what I consider her best outfits, because you know some freakazoids think everything she wears is fantastik!

Shockingly (not!) I couldn’t find that many outfits for this category but here are my favorites.

Mary at one of the Opening of Parliaments she has attended.

This is a run of the mill outfit for most of us put-together women but Mary needs all the cheering on she can get, so I’m putting it on the list.

Nice hair, discreet jewelry, clean lines on the coat, nice accessories, no weird pops of color – taupe/tan/beige hat, shoes, bag and gloves.  No weird hat shapes, either.  It’s medium sized and flattering to her.

All over, a good ensemble.

If I were Mary, I’d have this coat made in 5 different colors, because it suits her very well.

Here is an impeccable suit, worn on the occasion of Empress Marie of Russia’s (born Princess Dagmar of Denmark) reburial ceremonies.  This was also the occasion when Mary had to dash off to barf in the loo because she was preggo with IsNOTabella.

She does have the hat in more than one color, which is good, it’s a good size, the feathers are discreet, and it suits her.

The cut of the suit is impeccable, she is wearing her 20mm fake pearls with it, which is a nice touch.  Obviously she couldn’t break out the hot pink Louboutins since it was a somber occasion, but still, I think she looks very nice, and most importantly, very appropriate.

Again, I’d have the suit made in a bunch of colors.

One of Mary’s best gala gowns.

This is a good color for her, because she suits jewel tones – this emerald green is good with her hair and even with her bleached out skin.

She has worn this gown more than once but I liked this soft hairdo the best.

The first time was right after the engagement and her severe updo was aging.  Little did we know Mary herself would be her own worst enemy when it comes to looking old, with her heavy makeup, fake white skin, and starvation diets.

Another good color for Mary.

This medium blue looks good, but she should have worn a more dangly necklace, rather than a choker.

Her hard expression makes her look older than she is, and so does the harsh makeup, but our gal won’t ever learn that less is more, so she will just keep on wrecking good looks with her bad looks.

At least she is not photoshopped to death like in the 2009 official family pics.  I tell you, those lovely royal photogs don’t know when to stop with their photoshop!

Like here!  Where Mary’s skin has, apparently, been replaced with plastic.

This is a really good dress on Mary, it is a strong color, made to fit her, and it is one of her best gala gowns, which is probably why has worn it several times.

Even though the big hair makes her a bit of a lollipop, I kind of like it, she had such lovely hair back then, before she starved herself and started coloring it every shade of brown known to man.

I’m sure we’ll see this one again.

This is from the trip to New York.

What, you don’t remember?  The headlines?  The news channels going nuts over their presence here on US soil?

Yea, that would be because no one gave a shit and afterward people actually admitted the trip had been a failure.

I love the skirt.  The top not so much, doesn’t work that well on her muscular shoulders, but overall she looks very good.  Hair at a good length and shiny, good sophisticated hairdo.  Overall, very nice.

Hands down, the best Mary has ever looked, or ever WILL look, because it’s been downhill from this.

From the first LookerMe tour to Australia, to gloat about her Trashy Lassie from Tassie to Crown Princesshood, Mary looked divine in this dress.

Simple lines, clean accessories, gorgeous hair, she should have this dress made in 3 dozen colors.

Sadly, she has never come close to looking this good in the 6 years since.

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2 Responses to Mary’s Hall of Fame

  1. Elissa says:

    Thanks for the recap! Ok with all your choices, except for the red gown with that awful bow on her ass…the carbon copy of Nicole Kidman’s dress in Moulin Rouge.

  2. Pede says:

    Oh, right down memory lane…thank you, I forgot about most of those occasions!

    ha ha ha Elissa, what a good comparison, and you know what Nicole’s role in Moulin Rouge was, right? A Courtesan….a noble hooker…Elissa you hit the proverbial nail! Smile

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