Did you miss me, girls?

And gentlemen, although I am pretty sure it’s mostly girls.

Yes, I was the author of the fabulous, yet short-lived A Bogan in Denmark blog, where I examined all the bullshit and trash that is Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.  This is what happens when you are gone for two years and forget your fucking password!  At least I have the same root URL, so that’s nice.

What’s new?

Ah, I see, two new boganettes!  How on earth did Mary, practically out on her bony arse, manage that?  I think the fact that the Grasten crowd was as chilly as a witch’s left one is a big clue that the miraculous, all-natural conception was a miracle, indeed, to everyone but Mary.

Let me settle in, darlings, and I will get right back to bitching about that most useless – and undoubtedly by now, severely stretched out, twat of all, Our Mary!

For now I leave you with this – a sign that you cannot make a silk purse out a sow’s ear.  The photos are, what 7 or 8 years apart?  And the same smug, bitchy expression from this motherfucking cunt:

The left was taken while Frederik the Pathetic and some old man are talking, but bitch sure can find the camera, don’t she?  That them Starmakers teachers did teach our filly well, she can spot one better than a fucking missile heat tracker!  The right is when she’s leaving with her new son.  You know, the one whose hand she held while delivering the girl.  With a used up Holden Commodore like Mary, though, I don’t doubt that story, she can probably grunt and out pops a baby, neat as you please.

More later, loves.  Time for beddie-bye.

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